The Cathedral of Aachen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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    4-7 October 2011

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Stadt Aachen

Guidelines for the Preparation of a Full Paper

Prospective authors can submit proposals for either oral or poster presentation.

For oral presentations or poster presentations, proposal should be in the form of a full paper, limited up to eight A-4 size pages (including figures and tables), following IWA guidelines, and must contain adequate information to allow a sound referee review. The full paper must include the following information and needs to follow IWA Publishing Guidelines:

  • Paper Title
  • All Authors’ and co-authors’ names and affiliations
  • Type of presentation (for oral presentation, please specify which theme the paper is to be submitted for)
  • Email address, postal address, telephone, and fax number of corresponding author
  • Summary of the project (in less than 150 words)
  • Full paper (maximum of eight A4-size pages)
  • References

Please use the template provided and follow the instructions for authors (see files below). Once you have your full paper complete, please login on the IWA Conference Website https://www.editorialmanager.com/iwa-conferences/default.asp

You will find your paper under the section “Revisions” in the sub-section “Submissions Needing Revision”. Please click on the link and when you find your paper, click on “Revise Submission” under the Action Link. Please follow the steps that the system ask you for and do not forget to approve your submission at the end. If you can not find it in the “Submissions Needing Revision”, please check in the sub-section “Incomplete Submissions Needing Revision”

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that you “APPROVE SUBMISSION” to be able to complete the submission process. Please contact us if you don’t receive a manuscript number assigned to your paper within two weeks of your submission.


Selected papers will be peer reviewed for publication in IWA Publishing’s journals Water Science and Technology, Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, or Water Practice and Technology. Specifications for the formatting of papers are available on the IWAP website at http://www.iwaponline.com/wst/i2a.htm.

Template Full Paper Instructions for Authors

Click here for Outline Paper Submission