The old market place in Aachen

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    4-7 October 2011

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Aachen Tourist Service

Stadt Aachen

Travelling to Aachen by plane

The most important airports around Aachen are the German airports Cologne and Dusseldorf, which are well accessible by local trains of the German railway company Deutsche Bahn. The airports of Brussels (Belgium) and the international airport of Frankfurt (Germany) offer further possibilities to travel to Aachen by airplane. Both airports offer good direct connections to Aachen by the high-speed trains THALYS and ICE, respectively.

Smaller airports are the ones of Liège (Belgium) and Maastricht (Netherlands). These are close to Aachen, both around 50 kilometres from the city. They offer the possibility to either rent a car or take a train and continue your travel to Aachen.

Travelling to Aachen by train

Aachen is connected to the international railway network by German trains from Deutsche Bahn (http://www.bahn.de/i/view/DEU/en) and by the high-speed train THALYS, which travels between Cologne and Paris and stops at the train station Aachen Hauptbahnhof every two hours. Additionally, the high-speed train ICE operates between Frankfurt and Brussels via Aachen Hauptbahnhof.

Furthermore the cities of Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Siegen, and Hamm are directly connected to Aachen Hauptbahnhof.

Via an hourly connection to Heerlen (Netherlands), Aachen is also connected to the Dutch railway system.

Aachen Hauptbahnhof is the main station of Aachen. From here, busses or taxis bring you to your accommodation and to the Eurogress congress centre within a few minutes.

Travelling to Aachen by car

Aachen can be reached by car via several major highways.

The German autobahn A4 connects Aachen via Olpe-Cologne and the A44/A46 provides a direct connection between Dusseldorf and Aachen via Neuss.

Additionally Aachen can be reached via the E314, which presents a connection between Antwerp (Belgium) and Aachen via the Dutch cities of Hasselt and Heerlen.

Furthermore there is the possibility of reaching Aachen via Belgium by travelling on the E40, which runs from Brussels over Liège to Aachen. The connection over Brussels also offers the opportunity of travelling from London to Belgium and then to continue further to Aachen by car.