The neo-classical Elisenbrunnen, one landmark in the historic city centre of Aachen

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    4-7 October 2011

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Aachen Tourist Service

Stadt Aachen

The city of Aachen

Located in the very West of Germany and bordering on the Netherlands and Belgium, Aachen is most famously known for its historic buildings, hot sulphurous springs and printen (spicy ginger bread).

The Romans were the first to hold the city in high regard and built a thermal bath around the healthy hot sulphurous springs. Even today one can enjoy the healing effects of the water either in the local thermal baths or in the heart of the city at the Elisenbrunnen.

Yet, Aachen is even more famous for being the favourite court of the great Emperor Charlemagne, who is said to be the father of Europe, thus making Aachen the very first capital of Europe. The evidence of Aachen’s importance throughout history can still be found within the city: Just take a look at the beautiful Gothic town hall and Aachen’s cathedral, which holds the throne of Charlemagne and was declared Germany’s first UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1978.

Today, Aachen is also a city of sciences. RWTH Aachen University belongs to the German Universities Excellence Initiative and is internationally known for its high quality in teaching and research in the field of engineering science. Nearly 40,000 students are enlisted at RWTH Aachen University and other colleges in the city and the vast number of scientific research institutes and research departments of international corporations make this city a place of progress, creativity and innovation.

Thus, Aachen offers the perfect background for scientific discussions and research meetings, such as the 6th IWA Specialist Conference on Water and Wastewater Treatment.

More impressions about Aachen can be gained from the city's website: http://www.aachen-emotion.com.