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    4-7 October 2011

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Welcome and Invitation

Johannes Pinnekamp
Chair of Programme
Head of ISA

Thomas Melin
Head of Chemical
Process Engineering
Departments at AVT

Matthias Wessling
Alexander von Humboldt
Professor at AVT

Membranes and water have become inseparable: Reverse osmosis dominates desalination, nanofiltration removes trace contaminants from major surface water streams and ultrafiltration is gaining importance in water reuse and becoming the high end solution for pathogen removal in drinking water and waste water treatment and for desalination pre-treatment. Industrial water recycling booms and yearly growth rates of up to ten percent are common in all areas of membrane applications in the water field.

Theses are consequences of intensive R&D work and massive industrial investment. However, important topics lie ahead: Membrane technology has to become less energy intensive and expensive, the problem of persistent trace contaminants is not solved yet and high quality water demand worldwide continues to rise. No standard technologies for ultra- and micro-filtration have been developed yet and the costs for high performance systems need to be lowered. Membrane materials, module design, applications and operation techniques continue to change and diversify in a process of rapid development.

In this time of growth and change the upcoming IWA event in Aachen will offer the unique chance to present your results and ideas to an audience of researches, developers, manufactures and equipment vendors as well as water experts, membrane scientists and technologists, universities, companies and users.

The conference will be international, interdisciplinary and exciting and we expect well over 600 participants, accompanied by a large industrial exhibition. Aachen has long established itself as Europe‘s knowledge transfer hub of membrane technology in water applications, with a tradition of 30 major conferences (Aachener Tagung Wasser und Membranen, Aachener Membran-Kolloquium) and with two university institutions, ISA and AVT, from different faculties, deeply committed to knowledge transfer in the water and membranes area.

We are proud to present a prominent addition to the team of mentors and organizers of the conference. Starting beginning of this year, Prof. Matthias Wessling (formerly U. Twente, NL) has been awarded an Alexander von Humboldt professorship at RWTH Aachen University. He will later succeed Prof. Melin as head of the Chemical Process Engineering Department, adding acknowledged expertise in membrane science to existing strength in membrane technology!

You are hereby invited to participate and present your paper at the 6th IWA Specialist Conference on Membrane Technology for Water & Wastewater Treatment!